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Outdoors in the Bluegrass was created as a vessel to honor our loved & late, Scott Feaster, who passed from Esophageal Cancer on January 4th 2017.
Scott asked we live life to the fullest, come together as family and spread the awareness of Esophageal Cancer! We had a blast these past 3 years, we can not believe we have been doing it that long!! Season 3 2019 was a big year for our show and all our businesses that were made possibly because of this show.... because of Scott!! We had reboots on your favorite adventures and brought some brand new adventures your way! Season 4 will be the same, but BIGGER! Season 4 is on it's way, airing April 11th 2020!!! Stay tuned for some awesome adventures and great times!! Join in, let's enjoy the Bluegrass State together!